AB Audio Visual Ent., Inc.

since 1990

The Audio Visual Idea Company

Specializing in Creating Custom Music,
Sound Design and Picture,
for ALL Media.

Recording Studio
Audio/Visual Post Production Facility

Original Filmscores, Soundtracks,
Sound EFX Editing, Foley, ADR,
Performance Recordings, Mastering, Jingles, VO,
Music, Music Notation,
Talent & Sound EFX Libraries, Duplications,
Live Audio/Visual Recording, Equipment Rentals,
Non-Linear Visual Editing.

Studio/Client (Image Library)

Recent Short Film Sound Track Example

Audio Forensics/Enhancement

Member of the Expert Witness Program audio enhancement professionals for the Superior Court of Los Angeles.
Member of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept. Forensics Audio and/or Video Enhancement/Clarification Specialists
(what this means)

AB Audio Visual Ent., Inc. specializes in audio forensics, enhancement, editing, precise transcription and expert witnessing for all legal authority.

AB Audio Visual uses sophisticated audio filtering and analysis software programs that are used for audio restoration and archiving.

AB Audio Visual Ent., Inc. can advise, assist, or on site record almost any live event which would require pristine audio quality. Specializing in all types of microphones, mic placements, analog/digital recording and monitoring.

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for more information, please contact:
Arlan Boll/President
Voice: 562.429.1042 Fax: 562.429.2401
Toll Free: 1-877-ABAUDIO (1-877-222-8346)